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Things To Do at 4am

I wrote a version of this post for my Evening Chronicle column this week but was limited by my word count (and the fact that Jake had gone back to sleep so I did too). Here’s a fuller version. What do you get up to […]

#welovebeebies top 5: gifts for new baby

As a Beebies Baby Store brand ambassador and soon to be mum of baby boy number two, I’ve been busy trawling the Beebies website for all sorts of essentials for the new arrival. I’ve picked out some of my favourite products to give you some […]

Raising A Chatterbox

Does anybody else’s child talk the hind legs off everybody you come across wherever you go? Shop assistants, checkout operators, waiting staff, next-door neighbours, other passengers on the Metro – nobody is safe from my son and his never-ending stream of verbal consciousness. Whatever’s in […]

Culinary Delights with a Four Year Old

Little Man loves helping us out in the kitchen, or watching us as we cook, so for Christmas we bought him his own apron and mini chef’s hat which he loves and has worn on more than one occasion to make Play-Doh cookies. We are […]

Nigel Farage and the Ostentatious Breastfeeding Debacle

Nigel Farage and the Ostentatious Breastfeeding Debacle

I’ve recently started writing a weekly column for my local newspaper in the North East, the Evening Chronicle, which I wasn’t initially planning to share on my blog too but I thought a lot of you would appreciate this post and might not otherwise see […]

Snap Happy

Like any proud parent with a smartphone, I take approximately 700,000 pictures a week of my small person, many of which I share with friends, family and followers so that they can also see how photogenic and adorable he is. I also occasionally feel moved […]

Ode To The Blog: Remembering What’s Important

My blog has been frustrating me for some time now. I love having my own corner of the web to call home but in recent months I feel I’ve been neglecting it in favour of more glamorous pursuits, leaving it unattended to gather dust as […]

Growing up too quickly? Not if I can help it

So my increasingly-not-so-little man is turning four. There is nothing quite like the stark reality of another year ticking by to make parents nostalgic for ‘when you were a baby’, lamenting the fact that their bundle of joy is inevitably growing up. At least with […]