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A long time ago, in a world before Great North Mum had her own blog, she wrote a piece about the importance of reading with children for a parenting website. Little did she know it would provide the inspiration for an occasional feature during a future revamp of a blog that didn’t exist at the time. But that’s the joy of the unknown, the unpredictable, the anything-can-happen – a joy you normally only find in the pages of a children’s book.


I love reading with my boys. Joe, at 6 years old, has loved his bedtime stories for as long as I can remember, and is now at the hugely pivotal point in his life where he is learning to enjoy books for himself – admittedly via the introduction of Biff, Chip and Kipper, but it’s the start of a very exciting journey. I loved books as a child and would spend many a happy Sunday afternoon curled up with a Roald Dahl classic, or a Nancy Drew mystery, and I desperately want my children to see the value and pure enjoyment of books in a world of distracting technology.

Jake is still at the point where he prefers to shove books in his mouth rather than have them read to him, but he is getting used to handling them and looking at the bright pictures. Bedtime stories will come soon enough.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea scene
The Tiger Who Came To Tea brought to life in a cereal box for Joe’s school book week

In celebration of the wonder of children’s books, and all they can offer the social and educational development of our little ones, I’m establishing The Joy Library on the blog. Posts will feature reviews of our favourite books, recommendations for different stages of reading, and explorations of the immense world of children’s literature to help you enjoy more stories with your children.

If you’ve recently read something that went down a storm with your youngsters, from first picture books to teenage fiction, I want to know about it so that we can share the joy. Tweet me @GreatNorthMum with the hashtag #TheJoyLibrary.

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