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The Motherload Housework Tips for Busy Parents

The Motherload Housework Tips for Busy Parents

I’ve recently started blogging for the fabulous parenting website The Motherload, whose ethos is to be witty, honest, supportive and 100% non-judgemental. My first piece was an emotional account of my pre-eclampsia experience, but I followed it up with this decidedly more humorous post about […]

the alphabet photography project: d,e and f

D is for Details E is for Embrace F is for Football Join in with The Alphabet Photography Project:

The Last Firsts

So last week a couple of things happened that made me a little sad. One was that Jake, at 15 weeks old, was now wearing 6-9 month size clothes, causing me to bag up all his smaller bits he would no longer need. The other […]

I’m The Mum Who….

Lovely fellow blogger Chelle of The Mumington Post recently wrote a post entitled ‘I’m the mum who…’ as part of a chain of bloggers all doing the same, and she nominated me to write one too. The posts are basically a kind of ‘getting to […]

the alphabet photography project: a is for art

I love taking photos (and my phone keeps telling me its memory is nearly full) and although I stick a lot of them on social media, all too few of them end up on my blog. Now I’m coming out of the newborn haze a […]

Review: A Summer of Babymule Adventures

Review: A Summer of Babymule Adventures

As September is drawing to a close, and it’s now officially Autumn, our first summer as a family of four already seems a distant memory. Before Joe started school this month and Daddy also had to go back to work after his well-timed teacher’s summer […]

Things To Do at 4am

I wrote a version of this post for my Evening Chronicle column this week but was limited by my word count (and the fact that Jake had gone back to sleep so I did too). Here’s a fuller version. What do you get up to […]

Raising A Chatterbox

Does anybody else’s child talk the hind legs off everybody you come across wherever you go? Shop assistants, checkout operators, waiting staff, next-door neighbours, other passengers on the Metro – nobody is safe from my son and his never-ending stream of verbal consciousness. Whatever’s in […]