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Top 5 ‘Not For Kids’ Christmas Movies

Top 5 ‘Not For Kids’ Christmas Movies

Ask anyone what their favourite Christmas film is and they might say Elf or Miracle on 34th Street. Something whimsical and full of family fun. (And if they say ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, they’re lying. Nobody reeeeally likes that). Sometimes though, people’s best-loved Christmas films […]

The Motherload Housework Tips for Busy Parents

The Motherload Housework Tips for Busy Parents

I’ve recently started blogging for the fabulous parenting website The Motherload, whose ethos is to be witty, honest, supportive and 100% non-judgemental. My first piece was an emotional account of my pre-eclampsia experience, but I followed it up with this decidedly more humorous post about […]

Things To Do at 4am

I wrote a version of this post for my Evening Chronicle column this week but was limited by my word count (and the fact that Jake had gone back to sleep so I did too). Here’s a fuller version. What do you get up to […]

Raising A Chatterbox

Does anybody else’s child talk the hind legs off everybody you come across wherever you go? Shop assistants, checkout operators, waiting staff, next-door neighbours, other passengers on the Metro – nobody is safe from my son and his never-ending stream of verbal consciousness. Whatever’s in […]

The Wisdom of Children 5

It was my mum’s 60th birthday over the Easter weekend, and we had a wonderful time with the glorious weather, lots of food, and a surprise visit from my brother and his girlfriend who made a last minute decision to come up from Manchester and […]

The Wisdom of Children 4

Driving home from nursery on a bright early Spring evening, slightly blinded by the setting sun, the familiar excitable voice pipes up from the back of the car. “Look at that beautiful sun Mummy! The sky is orange! I love the suns.” “It is beautiful […]

The Wisdom of Children 3

All wrapped up for watching the early evening New Year fireworks in town, Joe wiggled his little gloved fingers at his Grandma, showing off the multi-coloured fingertips proudly. “Look at my gloves Grandma!” “Oh yes Joe, they are lovely! Grandma would like a pair just […]

Question Time

And so it begins. An innocent little voice from the back of the car. “Mummy, are we going to nursery?” “No, Little Man, we’re going home.” “Why?” “Because it’s home time.” “Why?” “Because you’ve been at nursery all day – it’s night time now.” “Why?” […]