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Breathe new life into your blog!

Breathe new life into your blog!

I made the snap decision a few weeks ago to finally make my blog self-hosted, after a couple of years of ‘making do’ with wordpress.com. In fairness, I had never really had a problem with my free site, but I think I had got to […]

Join The Club

It’s always fun to be in a club. By which I mean a collective of like-minded people and not an overheated room crammed full of sweaty inebriated students with a sticky floor, migraine-inducing flashing lights and repetitive thumping basslines over which you can’t hear yourself […]

Ode To The Blog: Remembering What’s Important

My blog has been frustrating me for some time now. I love having my own corner of the web to call home but in recent months I feel I’ve been neglecting it in favour of more glamorous pursuits, leaving it unattended to gather dust as […]