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Don’t Hide Under The Mattress

After failing to make the shortlist of this year’s UK Blog Awards, you’d think I would have been disheartened enough to retreat back to my little blog bubble, convinced that nobody either read nor cared what I am writing – but you will be glad to know this is not the case.

Another month, another set of award nominations are open – this time the MAD Blog Awards, celebrating the best in mum and dad bloggers from around the parenting blog-o-sphere (or whatever the technical term is these days).

adrianosWhilst considering what category in which to nominate myself (because I’ve got a trumpet and I’m happy to blow it), I realised how wide ranging the award titles actually are. The world of parent bloggers is so richly diverse; each of us is influenced on a daily basis by the little people who inspired us in the first place, and no two are the same.

What makes us all so different though is how our experiences of life have developed the topics we write about, the tone of our posts, the purpose of what we’re doing. Whether we’ve got one child or six, have another bun in the oven, have been touched by loss, go to work/work from home/stay at home, need a route to vent, have a desire to make people laugh, inexplicably have time to be good in the kitchen, have a sewing machine, are a single mum or dad, deal with mental health issues, deal with physical health issues (your own or your child’s), travel the globe, are a dab hand with a camera, champion a cause, collect stuff, or simply like to have a little bit of the Internet to call your own (as it’s almost impossible to get a 3 year old’s sticky handprints on a website, unless they’re all over your laptop) – there will be somebody who wants to read your blog. They just have to find it.

Which is why a little self-promotion never goes amiss. Unless you’re writing purely for your own pleasure, you want other people to read it – otherwise you would have a diary. You know, one of those paper things with pages with lines on that you’ve got to use something called a ‘pen’ to put words on. If you’ve got a blog, you’re not hiding it under the mattress so your little brother or, horrors, your mum doesn’t find it. It’s out there for the world to see – and there are thousands of us.

So, that’s why I’ll be nominating myself for the MADs – hiding in my little virtual corner isn’t going to get me noticed, or widen my readership, or help me make a difference for the causes I support. If I’m going to be #BloggingForChange, I might not win ‘Outstanding Contribution’ or ‘Best Blog Writer’, but I’m damn sure I’m going to throw my hat in the ring. Even if it is a hat with sticky handprints on it.

Nominate me here (just so I’m not the only one…)

MADS nominate

Thank you!

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