the MAD blog awards 2015: last chance saloon

MADS_BADGE_EXAMPLE_CELEBRATING_BLOGS.fw_I love the buzz that inevitably comes with the blog award season. It’s our chance to celebrate what we do and why we do it and it’s brilliant to see so many lovely bloggers having the confidence to shout about how great their site is, whether they have 100 or 10,000 followers. I always feel a little uncomfortable asking people to nominate me for stuff, but I’m getting better at it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. And when it comes to pregnancy blog awards, I’m in the last chance saloon.

These last few months have been a bit of a turning point for me in terms of my blogging and indeed my presence on social media, not least because of my current pregnancy. My absolute passion since I suffered from pre-eclampsia in 2010 has been raising awareness of maternity issues – as you will know if you are familiar with my voluntary role as trustee and General Manager for pregnancy charity MAMA Academy, my day job in NHS maternity service improvement for the Clinical Networks, or just follow me on Twitter! Being pregnant again has brought a lot of these issues into sharper focus for me, bringing back memories of my experience with Little Man, and creeping into my blog posts more and more.

It has been a privilege to be involved in the #MatExp (Maternity Experience) campaign on Twitter, an inspiring collaboration without hierarchy giving women a voice. There is amazing work going on around the country to improve the experiences of women and families when accessing every stage of maternity services, with some truly committed individuals pushing the agenda forward. It is social media at its absolute best, and there have been some wonderful blog posts attached to it. I was inspired to put together this post because of #MatExp.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the reins of the #BlogBumpClub linky, a supportive community of expectant mums, which I feel is very important to enable women to share their experiences of pregnancy.  Similarly, my friendship with Susanne of Ghostwriter Mummy has opened my eyes to the full range of maternity experience via the #MaternityMatters linky. Blogging can be a very cathartic process when trying to process what has happened to you – I have found this to be the case myself.

wpid-img_20150107_203747.jpgI don’t like to pigeonhole my blog into one category or another – part of my ‘multitasking mummy’ ethos! – but for the MAD Blog Awards 2015 I would truly appreciate your vote in the Best Pregnancy Blog category. I have been blogging weekly updates about my pregnancy – sometimes fluffy, sometimes informative – but I also use my blog to raise some serious issues that matter too, and hope that at least a handful of people find some inspiration there. My ability to view maternity care from the personal and professional side gives me a unique viewpoint and opinion on a lot of things which has a wide appeal. My recent post about ‘the system’ was referenced in an article by the amazing Sheena Byrom OBE in the Practising Midwife journal.

I don’t plan on being pregnant again after this little one arrives, so this will be my last chance to be recognised for blogging about pregnancy – although it certainly won’t be the end of my passion for maternity. If you have appreciated something I have written, or found something helpful, humorous or inspiring, I would certainly appreciate your nomination. Thank you.

You can read a little more about my experience and my journey to this point in my post ‘All of this’: taking the unexpected path

You can find the MADs nomination form here.

You’ll need to nominate a Blog of the Year – this can be me or anyone else you like. I would recommend Ghostwriter Mummy, Headspace Perspective or Edspire, along with a bazillion more amazing bloggers. Then you can nominate in the individual categories. Find ‘Best Pregnancy Blog’ and enter my blog URL: Sit back and enjoy the warm glowing feeling of my appreciation 🙂

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