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Beebies scan picI sat down to write this with the trepidation normally reserved only for job applications – the pressure of a post with something riding on it. In this case, the very exciting opportunity to become a Beebies Baby Store Brand Ambassador.

*stares out of window for ten minutes thinking of how to sufficiently sell self*

Up until now my blog hasn’t really been a place for showing off products I love or reviewing stuff I’ve used – largely because I haven’t actively promoted myself in that way. There are tons of brilliant parent bloggers out there who seem to be running promotions or demonstrating their latest freebie all the time, and I salute them for it, but I have never actively put myself out there as PR friendly. I think a lot of it comes down to me being very picky about brands I might want to associate myself with. Making it clear about my professional work and my charity connections means I have to be careful about who or what I might be endorsing on my blog, for a variety of reasons.

None of this has really changed, apart from the fact that I now have a bun in the oven and as such I have had my eyes opened to a whole new world of brands I have never been able to shop with before. When pregnant with Little Man in 2010, I barely did any online shopping, hardly used social media and hadn’t thought about starting a blog at all. This may be my second pregnancy, but it is my first chance to discover what I may have missed back then, and I’m excited to share my journey with Bump No.2.

16 week bump shot in my favourite Beebies tunic top

Beebies is one of the brilliant brands I have already grown to love – thanks to my expanding waistline and their fab range of stylish maternity wear. The beauty of Beebies of course is that I can now shop with them all the way through the arrival of Bump and beyond with very little need to look anywhere else. And crucially, I am happy to both endorse and support lovely Beebies owner Ami, as I know her heart is in absolutely the right place when it comes to the causes I care about. I love that she built the business from scratch herself and I would be proud to be an Ambassador for such a deserving independent retailer.

*wonders if that will be enough to convince Ami I would be a worthy Ambassador*

Ultimately, I’ll continue shopping with Beebies for some lovely bits anyway, and I’ll more than likely be sharing some of my purchases on the blog and social media regardless of whether I’m chosen to be a Brand Ambassador or not. It’s always nice to have a shiny badge though, isn’t it?

This post is my application to be a Beebies Baby Store Brand Ambassador. All opinions of Beebies are my own.


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