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Review: Cuddledry SPF50+ Toddler Poncho Towel

I am not a great fan of going swimming, and despite my best intentions, I had not taken Jake to the local pool once in his first year of life. Ironic considering he was my little water baby, born in the pool at the birthing centre, and is definitely an enthusiastic splasher at bathtime. Our trusty Cuddledry apron towel certainly comes in handy to avoid a soaking there, I can tell you!

As we jetted off on his first holiday abroad to Majorca in July, I knew he would love being let loose in the sun-drenched warm(ish!) water of the hotel pool. And I was not wrong! We bought ourselves an inflatable baby seat from one of the local shops so that he could float about freely and he was in his absolute element.


Of course one of the biggest concerns parents have on holiday is keeping delicate skin protected from the sun. To go in the pool, where there was no shade, I had lathered Jake with factor 50, dressed him in a high-necked wetsuit and tried to keep his hat on (which was chucked in the water every 30 seconds anyway). Avoiding the hottest part of the day was a must too, as it was over 30 degrees by lunchtime, and it’s very easy to be caught out by the sun in the pool where you feel deceptively cooler.

Coming out of the pool, I was so glad to have the Cuddledry Toddler Poncho Towel to snuggle him up in. Not only does it instantly stop the post-swim shivers, it cleverly offers its own SPF50 sun protection thanks to its Rayosan technology which acts like a mirror to ward off UV rays.


Jake is a big one year old, and the towel is large enough to easily pull over his head and cover his whole body, so there is plenty of growing room in there. There are little poppers on the side to fasten under the arms which stops it from spinning around and keeps the upper arms covered. Pull the hood up over wet hair and your little one is snug as a bug!


The towel is made of super-soft bamboo and cotton in a lovely aqua turquoise shade, and it really is touchably fluffy and quite lightweight. It is really absorbent so Jake would dry off really quickly in it, and it dried out in the sun beautifully without losing any of its softness. Since we’ve been home and it’s been properly machine washed, it still feels like new, without the starchy feel that some towels can get.


The beauty of the poncho towel is that even if you’re not lucky enough to be enjoying the sunshine somewhere, it’s still a gorgeous, practical towel that you can use for bathtime or at the local swimming baths, when it would be great for keeping your little one warm while you dry off. Cuddledry also sell a non-SPF version of the poncho if you aren’t planning on seeing the sun any time soon, but I think it’s a useful extra feature for a similar price.


You might even see us down the local pool sometime soon – although more likely snuggled up after bathtime!

The Cuddledry Toddler Poncho Towel is priced at £27.99.

I was sent a Cuddledry poncho towel for the purpose of this review. All opinions and descriptions of the product are my own.

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