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Review: Busy B 2017 Day A Page Diary

My name is Jenny and I’m a stationery addict.

There, I said it.

I have a serious issue when it comes to stationery – notebooks, planners, organisers, fancy pens, sticky notes – I just can’t get enough. In a digital world where I could have everything I possibly need to organise my life in the palm of my hand on my phone, there is still no substitute for the satisfaction of putting pen to paper. And when that paper is in the form of a pretty Busy B Day A Page Diary, I’m as happy as Larry in a stationery shop.


I’m already a big fan of Busy B and their fab range of products designed for absent-minded simpletons like myself to get through the week having ensured everyone got to where they were supposed to be at the right time with the right stuff, and nothing important got put out with the recycling. I could not be without my Busy Life Diary which I reviewed last year, and is integral to making sure my home and work schedules co-exist beautifully in one handy book, and is fantastic for keeping track of little reminders alongside my appointments.


For my days at the office though, I like to have something open on my desk for jotting down notes throughout the working day, and the Busy Life Diary isn’t really designed for this. The Day A Page Diary is my saviour, with a generous A5 page of lined loveliness to fill each day, with weekends as a bonus in case you actually do anything worthy of note on those days too.

I’ve recently started to try out bullet journalling, and I am keeping a separate personal one, but I’m finding the system works brilliantly in my diary to manage my to-do lists, so I’m keeping my Day A Page purely for work purposes.


It’s small enough to keep open on my desk and carry to meetings, but big enough to accomodate plenty of notes on each page, and I quite like using the Saturday and Sunday pages as extra space so the pages aren’t wasted. It feels lovely and tactile with the textured soft cover and satisfying thickness of a whole year of planning goodness. I always like to see an integrated pen loop and elastic closure, and a ribbon page marker keeps you on track. Little space is taken up by extra pages, with a year planner for 2018, a spread for important birthdays, and a mere seven blank note pages at the back, but with so much space throughout, you shouldn’t need any more.


The pages are a little thinner than the Busy Life Diary, presumably to keep the weight of it down, and I was a bit concerned that anything other than a biro would go through the pages, but I’ve been using the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen that I had seen recommended by so many bullet journallers, and it only has minimal ghosting on the next page (and fits perfectly in the pen holder!).

Now to put in some important events – it’s never too early to start thinking about summer holidays!

If you still need to get organised for the new year, you can snap up a Day A Page Diary for £10.99, or take your pick from the other covetable Busy B organisers, including the Busy Life Diary.

I received a Busy B Day A Page Diary free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions of the product are my own.

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  • Oh, I do love a good planner. My husband thinks it is laughable that I have so many notebooks and planners. But I think it is essential. Plus it helps if they are really pretty. And I always think that the Busy B stationery is gorgeous. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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