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One Year of the Wean Team with HiPP Organic

Last December, five month old Jake and I got on a big train and went to Birmingham for the day to take the first step on our weaning journey as part of the HiPP Organic Wean Team. We met a group of lovely bloggers and their gorgeous little ones, and were given advice and support on those first weeks  of weaning – something I had done before with Joe obviously, but it’s amazing how much you forget between children!



We’ve come a long way from those first tastes of baby rice and pureed apple to stealing Mummy’s food from her plate!


It’s been a pleasure working with HiPP over the last year – they were already a tried and tested brand for us as Joe had loved some of their products when he was little. HiPP take pride in going the extra mile to make sure that every ingredient they produce is the best it can possibly be, for baby, parents and the environment. For example, HiPP have carefully selected special fruit varieties that are very low in acid, to make their recipes easier for babies’ sensitive stomachs to digest, and their spinach is specially chosen to be low in nitrates, which can be harmful to babies in high doses.


HiPP supports families by offering help and advice every step of the way, and they offer a range of nutritional, tasty foods suitable for every stage of weaning.



Our go-to HiPP products which Jake still enjoys now at 17 months are the Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding (he loves a treat!) and the Toddler Tray Meals, which are a fantastic introduction to more ‘grown-up’ food. We also love the HiPP Babycare range which you can find out more about in my review post.


The best piece of weaning advice we’ve been given, and that I would always pass on to anyone else, is to go at your baby’s pace – let them dictate what they are ready for. They will soon tell you in their own way what they like and what they don’t, and you will know when they are really enjoying their food. Don’t force them to try too many new things too quickly, and just have fun with it.


Things haven’t always gone swimmingly for us these last 12 months, but weaning is a journey and every one is different. Your little one is unique, and so will their tastes be. Joe has to be talked into eating carrots at 6 years old, but Jake would live off them alone if we gave him the choice – maybe when he’s 6 too we’ll remind him of this!


We are really lucky, when I think about some of the problems that other mums have had, that Jake does not seem to have any allergies or intolerances, and we have never struggled with reflux which can be a huge issue for some babies. I can genuinely say that Jake loves his food now, and while he still enjoys a bottle at bedtime, he happily drinks from his sippy cup during the day. He now wants to hold cutlery himself and even manages to get it into his mouth occasionally!


My baby boy is growing up – but he has had a great start!

WEAN_TEAM_BLOGGER BADGE_550x300I’ve been working with HiPP Organic as a member of their Wean Team blogger programme. All opinions of their products are my own.

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