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My Beebies Wishlist

Since becoming a Beebies Baby Store Brand Ambassador I’ve had the absolute pleasure of familiarising myself with the vast array of maternity, baby and toddler products on the website and have had to stop myself from filling my basket on more than one occasion. Fortunately, Beebies owner Ami asked me to put together a Beebies Wishlist which has allowed me to choose some of my favourite products in the ultimate window shopping exercise. The Wishlist facility on the Beebies website will enable you to do the same, so you can come back and buy some bits later, and even share your Wishlist with friends and family if you want to make sure you don’t get 47 teddy bears as new baby gifts.

Having just found out that we are expecting our second boy bump, I thought it was the perfect time to share some of my Wishlist products with you, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration here. As this is our second baby, we have kept some big items like a pushchair and Moses basket from when Little Man used them, so these are some other bits and pieces that really caught my eye that will be nice to have new for Bump.

Dreamgenii Butterfly Donut Pillow

Butterfly Donut Pillow

I had a support pillow this shape with Joe, and it had a multitude of uses during pregnancy and once Little Man arrived. It made a fantastic maternity support cushion and was indispensable for feeding him and helping him sit unaided as he grew. I love the cute butterfly design on this one.

Shnuggle Cosy Baby Bath

Shnuggle Baby Bath

We didn’t keep the baby bath that Joe had so we will need a new one for Bump. The Shnuggle bath caught my eye as it is quite uniquely shaped compared to the traditional shallow baby bath, and does look like it would cocoon the baby in lovely warm water. The soft touch material and ‘bum bump’ to stop baby slipping down are great features to make it a mum and baby friendly option for bathtime.

Purflo Breathable Nest

Purflo Breathable Nest

I love the idea of a little safe haven for baby to lie on for a doze without having to put them down in a Moses basket or cot and this hypoallergenic breathable nest looks like the perfect cosy spot.

BabaSac Navy Star

BabaSac Navy Star

I’m a sucker for anything with stars on and I love this cosy sleeping bag, perfect for snuggling in for nighttime feeds. This one has removable inner layers to make it multi-tog – ideal for my summer baby as cooler autumn nights come around.

Duck Baby Grow

Duck Baby Grow

How cute is this baby grow?! That is all.

Faye and Lou Rainbow Muslins

Rainbow Muslins

No more discoloured and slightly manky looking white muslins – these 100% cotton absorbent cloths will bring a splash of gorgeous colour to every episode of milky spit-up. A must-have.

Cosatto Noodle Supa Highchair

Cosatto Noodle Supa Highchair

Looking ahead a little bit to weaning and beyond, a highchair is something we don’t have from last time, and I am coveting the fab dinosaur design on this versatile Cosatto model. Fully adjustable, and with the ability to let baby sit up at the table without the tray (if you’re brave enough to no longer contain the mess), it will provide a safe and fun place to sit for all mealtimes.

And that should probably do for now!

All of the products on my Wishlist are available now on the Beebies website – head on over for a browse to make your own or you can click on each picture in this post to find out more about the products I’ve chosen. Now, which to buy first….

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