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Introducing the new HiPP Organic baby care range

We’ve been working with HiPP Organic as part of their Wean Team for nine months now, and I’ve become such a big fan of the brand. Their baby and now toddler food has become a staple of our kitchen cupboard and Jake loves it. As such, I was really excited to find out that HiPP are launching their own range of baby care products, so they can be a staple in our bathroom too!

HiPP baby care range
The full HiPP baby care range

The HiPP baby care range has been specifically developed to be free from anything sensitive skin doesn’t like and to minimise the risk of allergies. All of the new bath time items hold the ‘no tears’ stamp which we all know is vital for happier bath times! HiPP is constantly going the extra mile to make sure that every ingredient and product they produce is the best it can possibly be, both for their customers and for the environment.

We’ve been trying out the new products, which include:

– Goodnight Baby Bath

– Foaming Hand Wash (and refill)

– Head to Toe Baby Wash

– Baby Shampoo

Duck foaming hand wash bottle
It’s Mucky Duck! (as named by Joe)

The Foaming Hand Wash is an absolute winner for us, as it comes in a fun bottle topped with a cute yellow duck for easy pumping by little hands. Jake is too little to be washing his own hands, but Joe has been more eager than usual to get his hands in the sink thanks to the duck (which he has named ‘Mucky Duck’). The foaming wash means that it is easier for children to properly clean their hands compared to traditional hand wash, which tends to just disappear down the drain without doing anything in my experience! Brilliantly, you can simply buy a refill pack for the dispenser so there’s no need to buy a new duck every time.

Bubbles from the Goodnight Baby Bath

Jake has recently started having a bath in the ‘big bath’ since he has outgrown his baby bath, so it has been brilliant pouring in some Goodnight Baby Bath and letting him splash about in the calming sandalwood-fragranced bubbles. And he smells scrummy when he comes out! Nothing like cuddles with a freshly bathed baby. The Goodnight Baby Bath is perfect for getting your little one relaxed and settled for bedtime – unless you have a boisterous 14 month old who prefers flailing around and splashing all over the place to relaxing!

Jake baby bath
Before he outgrew his baby bath and was easier to photograph!

The Head-to-Toe Baby Wash makes a rich lather on a baby sponge to leave his skin feeling clean and soft and is perfect from first bath until a separate shampoo is needed. A baby wash is the most popular bath time product with mums, but this one is like no other thanks to its special formulation which is free from nasties, including PEG, parabens, Acrylat-polymers, preservatives and any allergy causing fragrances.

One problem with the big bath means it is very difficult to get a photo of him in there as he just won’t keep still!

Literally the best photo I could manage to get of my bath time wriggler!

The Baby Shampoo is true to its ‘no tears’ claim. Even when rinsing his hair with the water running in his eyes there are no complaints from him and there is no sign of his eyes or skin being irritated by any of the products. His gorgeous baby curls which I am so reluctant to cut are beautifully soft with no residue left behind.

You can snap up the HiPP baby care range exclusively at selected Tesco stores from 6th September:

Goodnight Baby Bath with added calm – 350ml £2.99

Foaming Hand Wash (and refill) – 250ml £3.49 and £1.99 for refill

Head to Toe Baby Wash – 400ml £2.99

Baby Shampoo – 200ml £1.29

Head to the HiPP UK website for more information on their NEW baby care range.

WEAN_TEAM_BLOGGER BADGE_550x300I was sent a full selection of the HiPP baby care products to try as part of their Wean Team blogger programme. All opinions of the products are my own.


2 thoughts on “Introducing the new HiPP Organic baby care range”

  • Oh Mucky Duck is a fantastic name, think we might call ours that too! We have been really impressed with the HiPP range, it seems gentle on little ones but powerful on the dirt!

  • Having a newborn again has brought back the awareness of how sensitive children’s skin can be. Baby L has had very sensitive skin since day one. I’m still hoping that he grows out of it, but for now I’m even more careful about what products I use on him. Little I has pretty good skin but it does flare up from time to time. So, again, it’s better to be cautious when deciding on what skin care products to use on her too!

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