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Family Meal Times with HiPP Organic

This month on the Wean Team has been especially interesting, as we’ve been looking at some research conducted by HiPP Organic about family meal times. The survey asked how many times families eat together and how important they consider it is to eat together as a family, as well as finding out some favourite family meals. HiPP had input from over 500 parents and their key findings are actually quite sad:

  • Almost 90% of parents say that eating together as a family is very important.
  • Despite this, only 25% actually manage to sit down and eat dinner together 1-2 times a week.
  • The British roast dinner came out as a firm family favourite (42%). Curry (15%) and pasta dishes (13%) also topped the list as a much loved meal.
Breakfast time
The boys always have breakfast together.

As a busy working parent, I have to say that I was not surprised by the results of the survey. I would absoultely agree that sitting down to eat as a family is important time together, but we rarely all sit down for dinner at the same time at home. We often get the kids fed earlier and then have our own dinner in peace when they’re in bed! We do eat together quite often on a weekend though as we’ll tend to go to a cafe or go out for dinner so it does happen – just not when we’ve been out at work all day. We’re just not ready to cook and eat as soon as we get home. It is tough to coordinate meal times.

Family cuddle
We love eating out as a family at weekends when we have the time!

We do love a good Sunday roast though and we do sit down together when we have one of those! Other family favourites are my homecooked lasagne (I don’t cook a lot but I do make a good lasagne!) and Daddy’s chicken and chorizo paella which is always a big hit with Joe and I’m sure will be with Jake when he’s a bit older. We eat a lot of pasta as that always goes down well with the kids, and Indian is our favourite takeaway – but this is normally when the boys are in bed!

Jake and chips
Chomping on chips at our favourite local Italian restaurant.

As we often feed Jake separately, it’s lovely that he can have his own taste of family cooking without me having to slave away in the kitchen after work! He really enjoys the HiPP Organic tray meals, which are healthy and nourishing with just the right tastes and textures to encourage the progression to family foods when he’s ready to join us.

HiPP Organic tray meals
A selection of the yummy HiPP Organic tray meals

HiPP Organic is the only brand to offer pasta shapes (zoo animals, alphabet, numbers) and the unique ‘Ristorante La Mamma’ range of traditionally rolled and layered meals. The full range of Tray Meals can be found on the HiPP website.

Once HiPP’s recipes are approved, tested and tested again, the finished products go through more than 260 quality controls in a state-of-the-art laboratory before they are approved to carry the HiPP label. Jake obviously approves as he wolfs through a whole tray at a time now!

Messy eater
Messy eater!

We might not often sit down together at the table but eating is always a relaxed social affair in our house as our dining and living area is one big room, so even when the boys are eating at the table we’re always close by. I’m often feeding Jake in his high chair while Joe sits at the table having his tea. They also love sharing snack time together which is so cute to watch.

Snuggles and snack time
Snuggles and snack time on the sofa

In an ideal world I suppose we’d have all the time we wanted to have a traditional family meal every night but it’s just not feasible for us. I think we’ve found a happy compromise though!

WEAN_TEAM_BLOGGER BADGE_550x300I was sent a selection of the HiPP Organic tray meals as a member of their Wean Team blogger programme. All opinions of the products are my own.

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