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Baby’s Big Day Out featuring George at Asda

We have had some simply shocking weather over the Christmas holidays – it has been wet, windy and just not very pleasant to be outside. So when we had an unexpectedly sunny day between Christmas and New Year, we seized the opportunity for Joe to have a go with the new bell on his scooter (which he took to ringing approximately every twelve seconds) with a lovely visit to the local park.


George at Asda had offered to dress Jake for a Baby’s Big Day Out trip, but quite frankly we weren’t going much further than the fridge and back over Christmas, so this was the best chance he had to show off his new togs. We already buy a lot of both boys’ clothes from George as they are brilliant value and great quality, so I was more than happy to choose an outfit for Jake (at 5 months I had to ask for size 9-12!).

I had to go for this fab Beatles vest in honour of my friend Chelle from Mumington Post and baby Jude!


I also chose a cool pair of tapered jeans and a set of 3 long-sleeved tops. Here he is getting ready to go!


It was so relaxing being out in the sunshine, but with a bit of a chill wind we had to wrap up warm nonetheless. We stopped at a favourite cafe for a spot of lunch before heading out to the park. Here’s Joe with his ubiquitous Star Wars toys in one of his favourite George tops we already had.


My favourite item I chose for Jake was this gorgeous fleece-lined duffle coat which is so soft and cosy. Of course he looks super cute in it.



After all the excitement of Christmas, Joe had got a bit of cabin fever I think, so it was good for him to run around and blow off a bit of steam. This is his fab winter coat from George which looks very stylish too (not that five year olds generally care about such things!).



Of course the next day it was raining again but it was so good to see a bit of sky without rain clouds in it for one day!


You can’t see while he’s in the pushchair but these are the adorable knitted bootees I got for him. He also had a fleece-lined hooded cardigan which I intended to layer under his coat but it is so thick I’ve been putting it on him as a coat by itself!


After an hour or so of being chauffeured around, His Lordship was pretty tired! It’s hard work being a baby sometimes.


I was sent a full outfit of my choice for Jake by George at Asda for the purpose of this post. Joe wears items of clothing from George that we already purchased ourselves prior to working with them.

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