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Like any proud parent with a smartphone, I take approximately 700,000 pictures a week of my small person, many of which I share with friends, family and followers so that they can also see how photogenic and adorable he is. I also occasionally feel moved to take a quick snap of a sunset, some flowers, or a rainbow (as I managed to capture quite nicely yesterday), simply because they look pretty, and thanks to the modern wonders of photo-sharing filters and fancy effects, even the most amateur photographer can create a professional-looking pic without too much effort.

I’ve found taking photos such as these increasingly enjoyable because it’s so easy to do it all on a phone in the palm of your hand, and I’m getting all carried away with visions of being the next Capture by Lucy, Dear Beautiful, or Mummy Daddy Me – three photography blogs I really admire. I wouldn’t claim to have such an ability as these talented ladies, but the important thing is capturing the moments that matter, the images you want to remember forever, whether they are beautifully composed or not.

Like yesterday afternoon, when Little Man, tired from waking up early at Grandma and Grandad’s, fell asleep in the back of the car on the way home from town. I’ve written a post about life’s little pleasures such as this before, a year ago now in fact, something which only serves to show how quickly time seems to pass and why we try so hard to preserve it in pixels.

As he slumbered on the sofa, I had to take a photo:

joe sleeping

After a while we had to wake him, for fear of him not wanting to sleep at bedtime. He had an enormous yawn, with the imprint of the stripy cushion etched on his face, and I managed to capture it:

joe yawning

I know I’m still going to love looking at these photos when my Little Man has a family of his own one day. Precious moments. Life’s little pleasures.

Up until now I haven’t fully embraced photography on my blog, but while I’m having a bit of a revamp, I think it’s time to start sharing the photos that make me smile, to complement the words I write, or to need no words at all. There are a few linkys I’ve come across which I’d like to take part in, and I’m going to share my posts with #LifesLittlePleasures, because that’s what they are.

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4 thoughts on “Snap Happy”

  • Oh my gosh… I absolutely love the big yawning face complete with cushion creased skin!!! Such a perfect little moment to capture.
    I’m so honoured that you mentioned my blog and admire my blog photography. I honestly just come at it from the same place as you: want to capture all those little moments, be it simple and ordinary or big and exciting. I do it keep our memories alive, and I don’t think that can ever be a bad thing.
    I’ll look forward to seeing lots more love photos from you in the future. x

  • What a lovely post and thank you so much for mentioning my blog, that has made my day. I completely agree, thats exactly why I take photos as well, just so when my girls are all grown up we can look back and smile at the simple moments we shared together. I know that I love to go into the garage and get my old photos out and reminisce over my childhood. Love the hashtag #lifeslittlepleasures because it is so true- that is exactly what they are! Will look forward to seeing more photos on your blog soon! And off to read your ordinary moments post now too! 🙂 x

    • Thanks so much Katie, and you’re more than welcome. I love the photos of your girls and the Ordinary Moments is such a wonderful philosophy. Looking forward to participating more! x

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