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Ode To The Blog: Remembering What’s Important

My blog has been frustrating me for some time now. I love having my own corner of the web to call home but in recent months I feel I’ve been neglecting it in favour of more glamorous pursuits, leaving it unattended to gather dust as one might forget about a once-loved item of clothing that needs a minor sewing job doing, now hanging abandoned in the back of the wardrobe.

I’ve made a rod for my own back in some respects, taking on all manner of side projects like developing Blogs For Babies and volunteering for MAMA Academy, but it’s a rod that holds me up and keeps me doing what I love – engaging with people and doing whatever I can to support the things that matter to me. But there are only so many hours in the day, and in juggling my extra-curricular hobbies with a full-time job, a busy volunteering role, and of course, raising a lively four-year-old, something was going to fall by the wayside.

But no more. A true multitasking mummy finds time for everything that’s important to her.

I used to feel like I needed a real reason to write a post, to share something that needed to be said, on a possibly serious topic – and this is still true to some extent, but this is not using my blog to its full potential. Some of my favourite posts when I look back are ones about this little man.

joe dryer

Recording something beautiful he has said or done, creating a permanent reminder of a conversation otherwise quickly forgotten. Blogging in the moment. Not thinking, ‘ooh, that would make a good post’, and then three weeks later lamenting on not getting round to it.

I love to write. I love my life. I’m going to combine the two more often.

Almost as a symbol of my commitment, I’ve finally splashed out the £12 to buy my domain name.

Welcome to greatnorthmum.com. Please make yourself comfortable.

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