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Travel Essentials for Baby’s First Holiday

We are SUPER excited about our family holiday this summer as it will be baby Jake’s first time abroad, and actually only Joe’s second foreign trip. We’re heading off to Mallorca (or Majorca depending on how you fancy spelling it) at the end of July, revisiting the same resort and indeed hotel as Joe’s first holiday in summer 2014, before I fell pregnant with Jake.

Port de Soller is a stunning location – a quiet self-contained bay, flanked behind by mountains, and a wonderful destination for families. There are soft sandy beaches, plenty of places to eat and drink, and the fantastic old tram that trundles up and down from the coast to the town of Soller itself, where you will find more shops and amenities. I will share more about our holiday and our destination in future posts but for now we’re too busy planning what to pack!

View of Port de Soller
View from our hotel in Port de Soller – eek! Image credit: Hotel Eden Facebook page

Joe was nearly 4 when we first travelled abroad so bringing a baby along is a new experience for me. Jake will have just turned one when we go so we are hoping he will enjoy his first big adventure. Here are a few essentials which are top of my packing list and will hopefully make the journey and the holiday itself a bit easier for all of us.

The lightweight stroller: Silver Cross Pop

We knew when we started planning our holiday that our beast of a stroller that we normally use at home wasn’t going to be a viable option for taking away with us so we needed something much more compact. We still use our old Silver Cross Zest from when Joe was little for when Jake’s with his grandparents, so I was thrilled to be offered a new Silver Cross Pop lightweight stroller in time for our holiday.


First impressions of the new and updated Pop are good; it feels like a quality piece of kit for weighing only 7.2kg. We got it in the sleek looking black and jade green colour scheme but you’ve got seven different ones to choose from. It folds up easily and is manageable to lift and carry, so I’ve no concerns about travelling with it, but it has a surprisingly spacious seat so I know Jake will be comfortable. Crucially, for a hopefully sunny holiday, it has a large extendable hood which offers UPF 50+ sun protection, and when fully extended there is a breathable vent panel in the top to let in some breeze. It reclines fully flat for naptime.


I’ll be posting a full review with some pics in action after we come back *sad face*.

The practical changing bag: Babymule

I’ve had the privilege of being a Babymule Ambassador for a good while now and I would genuinely say that you’d be hard pressed to find a more practical and useful changing bag for days out and longer trips than the Babymule Original. The backpack style makes it easy and comfortable to carry and there is just so much room in the thing, it will probably double as my carry-on bag on the plane.


It will be perfect for keeping all of Jake’s bits together at the pool or the beach and hangs perfectly on the Pop handlebars for when it’s too hot to carry it around. I’d definitely recommend you check out Babymule if you need a more spacious solution for summer.


The baby swimming towel: Cuddledry

We’ve loved Cuddledry since we had the original apron bath towel when Joe was a baby, and we now use it for his little brother! You can also now get some fantastic swim towels from Cuddledry too, including the Poncho Towel we’ll be taking away with us which also cleverly has SPF 50+ sun protection. I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet, but it feels beautifully soft so it will be lovely to wrap Jake up in it poolside!


The sun protection: SnoozeShade

Even with the big hood on the Pop stroller, there’s still the issue of little legs sticking out in the sun and it being too bright to settle for a nap – enter SnoozeShade. This clever bit of kit universally fits over your stroller, completely enclosing your little one in the cover, which acts as both a sunshade and blackout blind. Depending on which one you get, there is also a panel in the front which allows baby to see where they’re going whilst being protected from UV rays. I’m hoping to try it out here before we go – if we ever have enough sunshine to use it!


The swimwear: Splash About

Jake has got a couple of hand-me-down swimwear items from Joe but I’ve got my eye on the fantastic looking range from Splash About for a couple of new bits! I’m especially taken with their Happy Nappy swim nappy system which looks like a good alternative to disposables, so I might invest in a couple – and the designs are so bright and colourful. I reviewed a Splash About maternity swimming costume last summer and was sent this fab rash top for Joe, which he’ll be sporting by the pool.


Keep a look out on Instagram and Twitter for my holiday essentials in action (and by action I mean lying on a sun lounger as much as possible).

I have been sent a Silver Cross Pop stroller, a Cuddledry swim poncho and a SnoozeShade Plus for the purpose of reviewing the products. I am a Babymule brand ambassador. I have previously received products from Splash About for an earlier review. All opinions of any products are my own.

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