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37 weeks: into uncharted territory

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: Bunch of Swiss chard (who has EVER bought Swiss chard?)

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Most importantly, no pre-eclampsia

So now I’ve hit a milestone I wondered if I’d ever reach – passing the point in my first pregnancy when I developed pre-eclampsia and had to be induced before I was ready. Little Man was forced out into the world at 37+3 after I had already spent a week in hospital, unprepared and unwilling to accept what was happening to me. My precious boy weighed only 5lb 9oz.

37 week bump – hang in there baby!

Fast-forward the best part of 5 years and I went into the ultrasound room this week for my final growth scan of this pregnancy at 37+4, already an achievement in itself. Reassured by the fact that my blood pressure has remained normal throughout, and with no additional signs of anything untoward developing, I was just keen to know how my second beautiful boy was growing. IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) could still have been a concern even without pre-eclampsia – but I needn’t have worried. Bump’s estimated weight was (what seemed to me) a whopping 7lb 11oz. My new concern is how much bigger he is going to get before he does arrive! It served as a stark reminder of just how tiny Little Man was – a whole 2lbs smaller than his little brother at the same point.

I then had a chat with one of the obstetricians who after checking with the consultant who originally saw me, confirmed that all being well I still have the choice to labour in the on-site Birthing Centre rather than the Delivery Suite. I made her write it in my notes so that the midwives at the Birthing Centre will know that despite my initial label of ‘high risk’, my baby has grown well and I am fit and healthy and ready to go!

We were taken on a quick tour of both the Birthing Centre and the Delivery Suite at the ‘Preparing for Labour and Birth’ session I attended last week (just for a refresher!) and was surprised at the flood of negative emotions I felt as we walked into one of the delivery rooms on the maternity unit. I realised I couldn’t quite remember which room I had given birth in, but everything was horribly familiar – the hospital bed, the BP monitors, the CTG machine, the clinical lighting and cold floors. I came away more adamant than ever that I would avoid a repeat of last time and that I would welcome number two into the world in the homely, safe environment of the Birthing Centre – with the added reassurance that help will be at hand from the consultant unit if necessary.

Little Man is getting ready to welcome ‘Baby’ to the family

Of course, my BP will be monitored perhaps more often than normal while I am in labour, and in the meantime I need to see my community midwife for weekly check-ups until delivery. I’ve also got another scan booked for 40+4 in case Bump decides to make himself a bit too comfy, but I’m hoping it won’t be necessary. The last thing I want is to have to be induced again – this time for being overdue!

As I’m now very much on the home straight, it seemed like a good time to hand over the #BlogBumpClub baton to another mama – step forward Chelle! As someone I’ve worked with at both MAMA Academy and on the Mumington Post, I am so pleased Chelle will be taking the reins as she prepares to welcome baby number three later this year. Look out for the linky on the Mumington Post from next week – but for the last time here (*sniff*) please add your own pregnancy updates below!


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