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33 & 34 weeks: job done, feet up

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: Cantaloupe melon

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Pelvic pain (yet again)

Loving this gorgeous swaddling muslin from Aden & Anais

Oh happy day! I’m on maternity leave with the prospect of 5 weeks of relaxation ahead of me (if you ignore all the various things I’ve got to do over the next month!). My last day at work yesterday was a frantic one to get loose ends tied up and handed over, but I did get some lovely pressies from my colleagues, including a fab Pacapod changing bag, gorgeous swaddling muslin from Aden & Anais, and a ridiculously cute handknitted cardie for the little one. I am SO ready for some extra rest now!

I have continued to struggle with pelvic girdle pain, which has good days and bad days – when it’s bad I’m hugely uncomfortable. I had my long-awaited appointment with the women’s health physiotherapist this week and was hoping for some relief but unfortunately at this point in the pregnancy it is more of a case of grin and bear it for the next few weeks in the hope it will resolve itself after the birth.

The physio did give me some postural and movement advice to reduce the strain on my pelvis, including how best to get up from sitting or lying down, and how to turn over in bed – still the worst pain I’m getting at the moment. My sleep is disturbed every night as I wake up every time I need to change position. I’ve also been instructed not to waddle, however tempting it may be! I have to consciously take shorter strides and ensure my toes stay pointing forwards, not turning into penguin feet – turns out this is harder than it seems and is actually increasing the discomfort in the short term. Hopefully it will be worth it!

33 week bump!

Last week we had an antenatal visit from the health visitor we will have when the baby arrives. This wasn’t something that happened when I was pregnant with Little Man, but apparently is now standard practice to meet the family in the antenatal period, which I think is a great idea. She had to fill in a huge form full of questions to get to know more about us and some of our preferences. Some questions seemed quite irrelevant on the face of it, such as how we enjoyed school and who we were closest to as children ourselves, but I can see how building up a picture of our own childhood experiences can help her to understand our parenting choices and attitudes. From our point of view, it was reassuring to meet her in a relaxed situation before she takes over from my midwife postnatally when things may be a little more fraught!

I’m now going to be using some of my time off to get properly organised and feel prepared at home – including getting my hospital bag packed! When I had to go into hospital unexpectedly at 36 weeks with Little Man after I developed pre-eclampsia, I hadn’t prepared anything and had to rely on Andy to bring things into hospital for me which was not ideal. Not that I’m anticipating another early arrival this time (fingers crossed!) but I’m definitely going to be sorted when the time comes. Enormous maternity pads and paper knickers at the ready!

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5 thoughts on “33 & 34 weeks: job done, feet up”

  • I’m glad you were able to see the physio, even if it doesn’t feel much better yet… Fingers crossed all is well once baby arrives. I think the health visitor coming over is a great idea, with different midwives coming and going every day thanks to jaundice it was nice to see a familiar face when she came over! I hope you get some rest over the next few weeks lovely xx

  • Wow you did get some wonderful gifts from work didn’t you!!
    Sorry you’re still struggling with pelvic pain it sounds horrible 🙁
    Your bump is still looking lovely and neat.
    I never considered the pregnancy waddle to be bad for you but I guess when you consider the actual position it can’t be too good for your posture in the long term!

    I think that’s so lovely that you get to meet the health visitor before you have the baby now, such a good idea. Definitely will be nice to have a familiar face when she comes around once baby is here!

  • I’ve been getting terrible back and pelvic pain and I’m only just 24 weeks – I can’t even begin to imagine how uncomfortable you must feel. I often wake up during the night to turn over and cry because of the pain. It must be such a relief to be on maternity leave, I’m starting mine at just over 37 weeks – hopefully I’ll be able to cope until then! Sending you lots of love, hope you’re doing ok. Love your gorgeous bump! xxx

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