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31 & 32 weeks: playing catch up

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: a bunch of leeks (these are becoming ever more tenuous)

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Feeling like a Transit van

32 week bump – either that or I’ve swallowed a beach ball

I’m having to combine the last two weeks of updates into one here – I have literally no idea where time is going or what I’m doing with it. With only a couple of weeks left until I finish work, my brain is already shutting down into baby mode as my mind keeps turning to all the things I still need to do to feel properly organised and ‘ready’. Preparing hospital bag, sorting out the baby clothes we’ve got, getting our old pram out and making sure it’s all in working order, checking what essentials we still need to buy, generally tidying and nesting – the list goes on, in my head at least.

I can’t wait to have the luxury of a few weeks just to get sorted (hopefully!) and enjoy a bit of time blogging, doing some MAMA Academy stuff so I still feel useful, and zoning out to daytime TV. I’ve also properly discovered the joys of grown-up colouring books (was going to call them ‘adult’ colouring books but I imagine the pictures in those are somewhat different). I’ve got the stunning Secret Garden book by Johanna Basford which is perfect for unwinding and letting your mind shut off after a busy day. My tip of the week for stressed out pregnant ladies!

I’m still waiting to see a physio about my pelvic pain but *touch wood* it seems to have eased a bit in recent days. The only concern at my community midwife appointment last week was apparently high levels of leukocytes in my urine sample, normally indicative of some kind of infection, although I have no symptoms of one. They sent it off to the lab anyway and then I was asked by my GP to drop off another sample earlier this week to be followed by one next week too. The advice I’ve been given by the consultant is ‘not to worry’ as if anything does need treating I’ll be prescribed antibiotics, so we will wait and see.

Last Saturday I attended a ‘Using Water for Labour and Birth’ antenatal session at my hospital, led by a midwife in the Birthing Centre (the midwifery-led unit on the same site as the main maternity unit). I had always wanted a water birth first time round, which circumstances got in the way of and I ended up on the delivery suite, so I was keen to have a bit of a reminder about the options open to me if all goes smoothly up to the end! While I’m not sure if I would actually give birth in the pool (I’ll see how it goes!), I’m very keen on the idea of using it for relaxation and pain relief, so I’m keeping everything crossed the Birthing Centre remains one of my choices in the coming weeks.

Little Man showing off his war wound – a chipped tooth from the nursery yard

This week started badly as Little Man took it upon himself to fall on his face at nursery and chipped a corner off one of his front teeth. Fortunately they are still his baby ones but I am soooo squeamish about anything to do with teeth – it’s a good job I wasn’t there to see it happen or I would have been freaking out even more than I already did. He was fine though and doesn’t seem bothered by it so I’ve made my peace with it. It’s nowhere near as bad as it could have been. As long as he’s extra careful from now on – as much as a four year old can be!

Yesterday I was at the hospital for my 32 week growth scan and check up with the consultant. Without wanting to jinx anything, it all seems to be going swimmingly. Our little wriggler is estimated to be weighing about 5lb 4oz just now – which is amazingly only 5oz off Joe’s birth weight when he was born at 37 weeks. It was a bit of a stark realisation of just how growth restricted he must have been, and how his growth must have been slowing for a number of weeks before my pre-eclampsia was picked up at 36 weeks. My only concern now is how big Bump is going to get if he keeps growing at a healthy rate! All being well my next scan will be at 37 weeks and then we really will see the difference between a (hopefully) healthy baby and a growth restricted one.

Thanks to my blogging tardiness I’ve got two weeks of #BlogBumpClub to catch up on! Add your pregnancy update posts here, lovely ladies:

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4 thoughts on “31 & 32 weeks: playing catch up”

  • Some of those fruit and veg comparisons get a bit ridiculous, don’t they? How does a baby in any way resemble a bunch of leeks? In one place apparently my baby is the size of a mango, and in another it’s a tomato… now they seem pretty different in size to me, unless it’s some really beefy tomato.
    Glad the growth scan went well and that your little wriggler is right on track. x

    • Haha! I know. A lot of the sites that have the comparisons are American and they seem to have all sorts of weirdly named vegetables that I’ve never heard of. Who knew there were so many different types of squash?! Thanks for linking up with your fab vlog! xx

  • Sounds like the growth scan went well and your’e definitely ready for maternity leave. I’ve had two water births and can highly recommend the experience. It was so easy to focus and concentrate for me. I’d so love to have baby three in the water too but I don’t think I’m going to be able to.

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