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30 weeks: adventures in waddling

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: ‘Good-sized’ cabbage (whatever that means)

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Pelvic pain!

30 week bump! We’re at the business end of things now….

Last Saturday was a real treat for me and the Mr, as we made the most of Little Man staying at Grandma and Grandad’s and went out for a date night to celebrate hitting 30 weeks! We went to the cinema for the first time in an absolute age to see the new Avengers film (recommended) then I was a lucky girl to be treated to a lovely dinner at an Indian restaurant in town we had not tried before. After a quick alcohol-free Kopparberg after our meal (me, not hubby!), I was ready to get home and put my feet up.

Of course the Tyne and Wear Metro had other ideas and due to the nearest station being closed because of some maintenance work, we had to walk for about ten minutes to get to the next stop where we could catch the train home. Unfortunately, it seemed that this little trek combined with the quick dash through the drizzle to the restaurant earlier, and the two and a half hours of sitting in the cinema beforehand, had angered my pelvis somewhat. By the time we got off the train and walked the couple of minutes to our house, I was already wincing.

I had experienced some pelvic discomfort in previous weeks but it had been mostly manageable, only really causing me difficulty when turning over in bed, but since the weekend it has reached a new level of pain which I am no longer comfortable putting up with. Manoeuvring myself around in bed now requires considerable gritting of teeth and no small amount of yelping. Getting up from my desk at work hurts, getting in and out of the car hurts, bloody walking hurts. I’ve developed a full-on pregnancy waddle as I’ve adjusted my gait to compensate.

Yesterday, on advice from hubby that I really shouldn’t just live with it, I rang my community midwife and asked her to refer me to specialist physio at the hospital. Having mentioned the previous discomfort I was having at an earlier appointment, she had told me that if it became unmanageable she would make a referral, so she did it for me straightaway. Now I just have to wait for them to contact me, which I am certainly hoping doesn’t take too long!

Little Man enjoying the sunshine at Jesmond Dene

We did manage to enjoy the sunshine on Bank Holiday Monday though, and went down to Jesmond Dene where Little Man loved having a kickabout with Daddy – while Mummy relaxed on the grass! Of course getting up again wasn’t exactly a picnic but it was lovely nonetheless. I’m keeping everything crossed for a beautiful June so that I can enjoy a few relaxing weeks when I finish work before Bump arrives. Either that or there will be some serious nesting going on at home!

For more information on pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy (also known as symphysis pubis dysfunction), visit the Pelvic Partnership or check out the information on NHS Choices.

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