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29 weeks: the joys of being the sober one

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: Butternut squash

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Really wanting a lie in!

This week’s update is not a long one – primarily because in comparison to last week’s growth scan excitement, not much has happened. Sleep is still disturbed as I toss and turn uncomfortably, and I’m feeling ever more like the big rolling boulder from Indiana Jones, but I’m otherwise feeling well as I approach 30 weeks.

My lovely bedroom for the weekend in our hen house

I did have an out-of-the-ordinary weekend though, as last Friday I took to the road with some work friends for a colleague’s hen weekend in a fabulous big house in Appleby-in-Westmorland, over the Cumbria border. The 12 of us had rented the house for two nights, and while some had to share bedrooms I was lucky enough to have one to myself – which was just as well as the en-suite bathroom opened directly into the bedroom with no door to hide my shame. The house was stunning though, with two big sitting rooms, a dining room with a huge round table, a gorgeous communal kitchen, and a pool table, with the added bonus of a garden room containing a ping pong table and a hot tub.

Of course, the hot tub was just one of the weekend’s delights I wasn’t able to partake in (pregnant women are advised to avoid hot tubs and saunas as they raise the core body temperature too much). I had rarely seen so much alcohol in one place since I lived in student flats. The huge double door fridge was packed to the rafters with bottles of Prosecco, beer and various mixers, while the counter top next to it could barely be seen under the weight of an entire cocktail bar’s worth of spirits. Happily, my good-natured colleagues are not hideous drunks and even after everyone had had a few, they were all in good spirits.

29 week bump!

I took the chance to catch up on some much needed sleep over the course of the weekend, having two epic lie-ins which were more of a luxury to me than any hot tub. There was also the added bonus of having a completely clear head as those who had hit the gin a bit hard looked decidedly ropey over breakfast.

I’m having a much more normal weekend this week though – and a lovely long Bank Holiday one at that. I might even get a bit of a lie-in.

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  • Oh bless you – being pregnant and surrounded by drunk friends kind of sucks! Yay for the lie ins though! xxx

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