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23 weeks: a week of bittersweet emotions

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: Aubergine (or eggplant as the American app insists on calling it)

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Freakily vivid dreams

My beautiful Mother’s Day flowers chosen by Little Man

The last couple of weeks have been emotional as we lost my lovely Grandma, who had been cruelly suffering with dementia for several years, and we said our final goodbyes on Tuesday in a small family ceremony. While her death was expected and I found some comfort in the knowledge she was no longer suffering, it has still been a difficult time, especially when you add pregnancy hormones to the mix! I have felt mentally and physically drained at times this week, although now the funeral has passed I find I am more able to relax again.

My sleep has been plagued with vivid dreams, which cause me to wake up feeling as if I’ve been somehow busy all night. My sleep has not been restful, although I think this is getting better. My pregnancy support cushions are an absolute godsend though to actually get comfortable as my bump continues to expand at a rate of knots.

Wonderfully I can now feel lots of distinct movements from Bump, rather than the vague rippling and bubbling sensations of a few weeks ago. I can almost imagine his little limbs poking me as he wriggles around, sometimes higher up my stomach, sometimes lower down kicking me in the bladder.

23 week bump – it feels bigger than it looks in this photo!

I feel increasingly aware of the extra weight I’m carrying in front of me and have to factor in the bump when putting on socks and shoes or bending down to Joe on the floor. Little Man now realises I can’t lift him up like I used to (at four and a half years old he’s quite heavy enough as it is!) so I have to go down to him for cuddles. We love having snuggles on the sofa anyway, and he has taken to cuddling and stroking my bump which is just heart-meltingly cute. He often talks about the baby in a very accepting way – although whether this continues once the new arrival is here remains to be seen!

This weekend I am off for a pregnancy massage at Totally Tranquil in Sunderland, which has come at the perfect time for me to enjoy a bit of relaxation. Look out for my review next week!

I loved reading your #BlogBumpClub posts last week, and always find everyone’s pregnancy experiences fascinating. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to this week! Link up your #BlogBumpClub posts below and say hello via @GreatNorthMum



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4 thoughts on “23 weeks: a week of bittersweet emotions”

  • Sorry you’ve had a tough time lovely 🙁 pregnancy is an emotional enough time as it is without adding true sadness into the mix! I’m pleased you’re finding some comfort now the funeral has passed!
    So lovely that you’re getting more definite kicking feelings now too definitely the best bit about pregnancy 🙂
    It’s good that your little guy is being so good about being picked up less, I definitely need to start picking Arthur up less!
    Enjoy your pregnancy massage it will be amazing I’m sure 🙂 xx

  • I’m sorry for your loss, it is always a difficult time let alone when pregnancy hormones are added into the mix.

    I am with you on the pillows – my OH is struggling to get in bed I have so many but tough – I need sleep!!

    I hope you enjoyed your massage.

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