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21 & 22 weeks: Blooming with #BlogBumpClub

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: Cantaloupe melon

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Blooming bump!

22 week blooming bump!

The last couple of weeks have simply flown by and I’m getting a real feeling that pregnancy is running away with me. Bump is still expanding nicely (to the point where someone said I was ‘blooming’ this week, which I think is a compliment) and I’m enjoying the relative ease of mid-pregnancy, with only a few niggles of discomfort to remind me what my body’s busy doing. But I can’t help starting to feel a bit apprehensive as time ticks by, with the coming weeks filled with extra appointments, scans and check-ups all to make sure that all continues to be well. And then I have to give birth at the end of it! Eek!

I find myself reflecting more and more on my first pregnancy and birth, and how different I want and hope it to be this time round. The uncertainty of how everything will pan out can be unsettling, even though I know every pregnant woman must feel it too. I want to get past 37 weeks, I don’t want to be induced, I don’t want to have pre-eclampsia again, I don’t want to be confined to a bed during labour, I don’t want to be in hospital for 10 days, I want to have skin-to-skin, I want to try and breastfeed successfully – I just want to feel in control about what happens to me. I am realistic enough to realise I can’t plan everything out as I want it to be, but where I do have a say in anything, it will be different.

new logo backgroundOn the much brighter side, I am loving feeling my little wriggler moving around with reassuring regularity now. I often feel him getting comfy while I’m at my desk at work, or sitting watching TV at night. One thing I am very conscious of, through both my day job and my work with MAMA Academy, is the importance of monitoring fetal movements as pregnancy progresses. It is vital that all expectant mums get used to their babies’ usual pattern of movements from around 24 weeks and report any change in this pattern to their midwife or maternity assessment unit. I’ll be blogging more about this potentially lifesaving advice in the coming weeks.

Two purchases I talked about making in my last update have started to make the world of difference to the pelvic discomfort I was experiencing. The first is a gym ball (for a bargain £6.99 from Argos) which took some pumping up but is great for sitting, bouncing and gently exercising on to take the pressure off aching joints. My only slight complaint is that despite getting a 65cm ball which is the recommended size for my height, at 5’7” I find that my legs are actually too long to sit with knees lower than hips as they should be. If you’re any taller than this I would certainly recommend a 75cm ball if you can find a reasonably priced one. But everyone should have a ball – they are great.

One of my pregnancy essentials from Beebies Baby Store

The second purchase which has significantly increased my comfort in bed is the brilliant pregnancy support pack I bought from Beebies Baby Store. A support cushion was first on my wishlist when I became a Beebies Brand Ambassador, and I eventually plumped for the two-in-one pack which includes a small foam wedge to put between your knees when lying on your side, or to support your back when sitting, along with a lovely big u-shaped cushion which you can use in all sorts of ways to improve your pregnancy comfort. I have taken to cuddling around it while lying on my side so it supports my bump and goes between my knees which has helped no end with hip and pelvic pain. I still find it painful to turn over in bed though! The bonus is that the pack comes with an extra cushion cover in a contrasting design for you to use the big cushion with baby once it arrives, for feeding or to support sitting up. Definitely one of my recommendations if you’re looking for something similar.

And finally, you can now link up your #BlogBumpClub pregnancy posts on my blog! I’ve had the baton passed to me by lovely Bex of The Mummy Adventure now she has welcomed her gorgeous new arrival. If you’ve got a weekly update, review or anything randomly pregnancy related to share, here’s the place to do it. Make sure you share on Twitter using #BlogBumpClub and encourage friends with bumps to do the same. Just click below to add your post to the linky!

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9 thoughts on “21 & 22 weeks: Blooming with #BlogBumpClub”

  • Your bump is looking lovely!!
    The gym ball and pregnancy pillows sound like lovely investments!! I will have to keep an eye out to see if I can get either of those over here!!
    It must be difficult having had complications first time round to not be anxious this time. I am anxious and didn’t really have any problems just a straight forward planned c-sec. But I don’t like not knowing what’s going to happen, if I have to have a Caesarian again or not (it makes a huge difference here as if I do I will need to go to another island!!) I just like to feel in control and pregnancy kinda takes that away!!!

    • I can’t imagine what it’s like having to take something like going to another island into consideration too! I think the lack of feeling in control is very hard to get over and can be quite scary. But I’m thinking positive! xx

  • Beautiful Bump 🙂 I’ve now got two pregnancy pillows and they’re amazing aren’t they?? Make the world of difference! Thanks for hosting lovey xxx

  • Glad everything is going well – a great time to enjoy your bump. I do love an exercise ball and great for afterwards as well – spent many an evening bouncing on it to get my 1st daughter to sleep x

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