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20 weeks: when turning over in bed is no longer an option

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: Mango

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Pelvic discomfort (again)

After last week’s excitement of the anomaly scan and finding out we are going to welcome another boy to the family, this week has been excitement free, and that’s mostly the way I like it. As long as everything continues to tick along nicely without event, I’m happy!

20 week bump in gorgeous top from The Essential One
20 week bump in gorgeous top from The Essential One

Our boy bump has been noticeably more active by the day, with the movements feeling stronger which I am loving, but Daddy is still waiting for that first kick to be felt from the outside. I can’t wait for Joe to be able to feel his little brother wriggling around – he has been talking about the baby more, and often asks to read There’s A House Inside My Mummy. I think he still has it in his head that the baby is going to burst forth from my stomach at some point in a scene reminiscent of Alien, so I have had to explain to him that won’t happen and that it will all be considerably less violent – hopefully! His curiosity about how the baby got in there in the first place is lovely but I still don’t think I’ve satisfied him with my woolly answers. It’s harder than I thought it would be!

As my bump continues to increase in circumference I am feeling a few more pregnancy niggles by way of stiff hips and some pelvic discomfort. This still hasn’t progressed to the point of being truly painful, but I have winced a few times getting up from my desk at work, and turning over in bed is the worst! I have to almost sit up and use my hands to help me turn around. I am thinking of making two purchases now – the first being a support cushion or pillow to help me get and stay comfy in bed (check out the great selection at Beebies Baby Store), and the second a gym ball to sit on and get the benefit of some gentle core exercise. Sitting on an appropriately sized gym ball can also help you to maintain ideal posture and relieve pressure on a painful pelvis. Thanks to those yummy mummies on Twitter who gave me some tips and recommendations for using one.

Lovely Lucy Howlett of LIFT Personal Training shared this video with me containing some fab tips for using a gym or birthing ball during pregnancy:

I’m planning on getting myself one this weekend so will update on how I get on with it next week!


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3 thoughts on “20 weeks: when turning over in bed is no longer an option”

  • I used a Dreamgenii pillow to comfortable in bed and to help me move around. I was dubious if it would work and it was quite an investment but once I got it I wouldn’t be without it. I hope you manage to get some comfort. Glad to see everything is progressing so well for you. x

  • Ah lovely little bump! I used a gym ball throughout my last pregnancy and found it really comfortable. Shame the kids used it as an oversized football though! Can’t wait to read more updates. Thanks for linking up to #MaternityMatters and I’m so sorry I am so late in replying x x x x

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