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18 weeks: #WeLoveBeebies!

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: Dragon fruit

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Stretchy bump discomfort (official medical term)

The size comparisons to unusual fruit continue this week with the frankly weird ‘dragon fruit’ – has anyone ever had one of those? I’m fairly sure I’ve never even seen one in Tesco’s, never mind imagined my baby to be like one.

Beebies Ambassador BadgeAnyway, this week has proved to be hugely exciting, as pregnancy has ticked along nicely without any unpleasant illness to spoil the mood, and I was chosen by lovely Beebies Baby Store owner Ami to be a #WeLoveBeebies Brand Ambassador! If you didn’t catch my post applying to be one, apparently I did enough to convince Ami I would be a suitably competent person to represent her company and I’ll be doing so by shouting about Beebies fabness on social media and bringing a few things Beebies to my blog too.

I’ve already been loving some of their brilliant maternity wear, but when Bump arrives I’ll be sharing product reviews, opinion and the odd competition too, so I’d love for you to keep a look out for anything you might find useful with a new baby. Next week I’ll be sharing my first Beebies Wishlist – with my 20 week scan on Thursday and hopefully finding out what flavour baby we’re having, it will be the perfect opportunity to start a bit of virtual shopping and I’ll be sharing some of my favourite picks on the blog. The problem may come in drawing the line somewhere before I bankrupt myself. Note to self: must be strong!

18 week bump – ironically not in a Beebies Baby Store top in the week I become an Ambassador! This one is from The Essential One and is also lovely.

After feeling so poorly last week, I have felt much better this week, especially with nice little perks like Beebies putting the icing on the cake. My cough and cold have persisted but are improving and I’ve otherwise had a fairly uneventful time of it, pregnancy-wise. Bump seems to be expanding by the day though and I’ve had the first few comments from co-workers about the size of it (“Bloody hell, that’s popped all of a sudden hasn’t it?!”). The stretching feeling down the sides of my abdomen has been a little uncomfortable at times and I’ve experienced a bit of occasional pelvic pain, already making it more difficult for me to turn over in bed. And I’m not quite halfway through yet!

The next update will be a big one – scan time! Also, might have to look in Waitrose for a dragon fruit.

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