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Stars and Bubbles – A Letter to Matilda Mae

In my last post #BloggingForChange I talked about the tremendously powerful blog of Jennie, writer of Edspire and mummy of a baby girl named Matilda Mae.

On 2nd February 2013, Baby Tilda went to sleep and never woke up. She was exactly nine months old. Jennie’s journey of grief since that day has touched everyone who has come into contact with her, in whatever small way, and the legacy of Matilda Mae is growing by the day.

To mark the one year anniversary of Tilda’s cruelly untimely passing, the lovely Susanne of Ghostwriter Mummy has been collating Letters to Matilda Mae on her blog, so that other bloggers can share their words of comfort and memories of Tilda for Jennie and her family.

PrintThis is my Letter to Matilda Mae.

Dear Baby Tilda

I agreed to write this for you without even really considering what I would say. I just felt I had to.

I didn’t know your mummy, I never met you. I only learned of your existence when you were already gone. Your story was words on a screen, your little face just pixels. I never experienced the joy of holding you or seeing your beautiful smile in person.

But your fate and your family have touched my heart in the way they have so many others. You deserve a few words from another stranger – a small comfort to your grieving mummy and daddy, a virtual hug for your brother and sister, a token of hope for the future.

I first came across your mummy on Twitter, not long after you were taken from her, and was heartbroken by what she was sharing with the devastated community of mummy bloggers who had watched you grow. For a while I didn’t follow her, I couldn’t read her blog, I didn’t want to know just how awful it was to lose a little one.

But you kept popping up. Every time I logged on, my timeline would sparkle with Matilda Mae stars, messages of support for your mummy, a collective purpose of fundraising, your dark eyes and smiling face hard to ignore. Your legacy had already begun.

The more I interacted, and through my own fundraising for Tommy’s, the more I came to realise that you weren’t the only one who was hard to ignore. Hattie & Flic, Ella, Alexander, Finley, Bodie, Charlie, to name sadly but a few – a galaxy of stars to keep you company, much-loved babies gone too soon, their mummies and daddies doing amazing things in their memory.

PrintAs heartbreaking as it was to find too many tragic stories to speak of, you and all your little friends in the sky deserve our attention; little lives to be celebrated, little people who were so loved for the time they were with us, little legacies of hope for others.

And so as the anniversary passed of the night you had to go, my timeline was filled with stars once more, awash with pink and purple, colours now synonymous with your name. Flickering flames, rainbows, bubbles floating up to the sky, silent and beautiful tributes to you. It is a testament to the strength and honesty of your brave mummy that you will never be forgotten, even by those who never met you.

Play amongst the stars, Baby Tilda. Your mummy and daddy will always know where to find you.

With much love,

Jenny xx

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  • Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful letter, there are too many angels in the sky, I seem to know more with each day that goes by. Thank you so much for remembering Tilda x It means the world to me x

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