Dreamer with a day job


You’re probably here because you’re one of the following:

a)   Family member

b)   Friend

c)   Facebook acquaintance

d)   Twitter follower

e)   Stranger who has accidentally clicked on something

Unless you’re the latter, I can safely assume that you already know at least something about me and may even have read one of my guest blog articles on another site before. If so, welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit my fledgling blog. I hope you find my intended mix of posts about the diverse topics of parenting, running, healthcare and whimsical miscellany entertaining if not informative.

If you have inadvertently stumbled across my site or have clicked on someone else’s link and have no idea who I am, please take two minutes to read my ‘about me’ bio for a little crash course in all things Great North Mum.

Now the site is up and running I’ll be jazzing it up a bit, adding photos and having a fiddle for a while until I’m happy with it so please bear with me! Give the blog a follow and please share anything you like to help me get started and give me some support. I do appreciate it.

Now to sit back and await the book deal…;-)

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