Dreamer with a day job


I’m Jenny, a reluctant-to-admit-I’m-into-my-late-30s mum of two boys – Joe, born in September 2010, and Jake, who arrived in July 2015. Was I not 21 about two weeks ago? Where did that go?

Anyway, welcome to my brain – the contents of which you will find on this collection of pages. Not all of it obviously; I keep my PIN number and Netflix spoilers to myself, so don’t worry.

My blog has changed a bit over the years as my life has evolved along with it. I’ve recently had a good break from blogging while I busied myself with various things but the lure of ‘Add New Post’ eventually called me back. You can look through my post archives to read about some of my pregnancy and parenting stuff, but I’m playing it a bit more fast and loose with subject matter these days as we slowly emerge from the toddler years and I finally have two children in school!

I am really passionate about lots of Important Things, from mental health to gender equality, so I would LOVE you to see what else I’m up to when I’m not writing about the state of the world (and some of that stuff) on the blog – you can check out my alter egos on LinkedIn.

If you’re a lovely PR type person – I’m always willing to discuss opportunities if you’ve got a yacht or private island you need reviewing.

Visit my Contact Page or say hello at my second home on Twitter @GreatNorthMum if you’d like to speak to me about literally anything. Procrastination is my middle name* and I would be glad of the distraction.

Jenny x

*Not really – it’s Ellen.